MISSION: Save Star-Crossed!


As many of you may know, Star-Crossed has sadly been cancelled. But we fans of Australia are not accepting this, so neither should you. We’re getting Star-Crossed back! It’s one of the few great shows on TV worldwide and is deeply loved world-wide! But first, we really need some help!

Tonight, 8pm UK time we will trend #SaveStarCrossed on twitter, but only with your help!  

Please spread the word and tell EVERYONE you know to watch the season final Monday 8/7c DON’T tape it! Watch it! Watching it is the only way the ratings are recorded. Lets show The CW what a massive mistake they’d made! 

And finally, sign and share the petition below to renew Star-Crossed. Lets not leave Roman at death’s door with the massive cliff-hanger they have promised. Sign Petition Here

Also please, reblog this post and make it count! Together we can bring Star-Crossed back for at least another season! We got work to do Stargazers! Lets get started!

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